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Ken Zebrowski has been fighting for us in the New York State Assembly since 2007. A problem solving Legislator, and a fierce advocate for Rockland County, he has been at the forefront of every major Rockland County issue. From the East Ramapo School District to the North Rockland Debt issue and Rockland County’s $96 Million deficit, Ken has turned innovative ideas into legislation. When it comes to protecting residents from un-safe overdevelopment and predatory landlords, he has overhauled State inspections and oversight and legislated modern penalties. Statewide Full Day Kindergarten is becoming a reality because of his funding bill and his Hepatitis C testing bill was a national model. Recently he authored the law to take ‘dark money’ out of internet ads and co-sponsored closure of the LLC Loophole. Assemblyman Zebrowski has been fighting for us for over a decade and will bring this dedication to the Rockland County District Attorneys Office.

Ken has shaped criminal justice policy in New York for over a decade. As a senior member of the Codes and Judiciary Committees he has been a reform minded legislator that has protected victims and public safety while transforming the criminal justice system to be more fair and transparent.

In 2009 he helped negotiate reforms to the Rockefeller Drug Laws, ending mandatory minimum sentences for lower level drug crimes and expanding drug courts. These laws sent generations of non-violent New Yorkers to jail and sentenced both the perpetrators and their families to a life of poverty. The District Attorneys Association at the time opposed these common sense reforms, which is why someone with the broad policy experience of Ken Zebrowski is vital to this office.

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Ken has sat with victims of domestic violence and formulated a legislative agenda that recognizes the full scope of this crime. He co-sponsored a law that increased penalties to hold repeat offenders responsible and helped craft several laws that protect victims from both their abusers and the wraparound effects of this crime. Recently he authored a package of bills, in conjunction with Rockland survivors, that would make it easier for victims to file a police report and prevent abusers from benefitting financially from the crime.

Ken Zebrowski knows that our criminal justice system needs reform in order to truly bring justice to New York families and communities of color. He helped negotiate the “raise the age” bill in the 2018 budget, finally turning the chapter on this backwards policy where New York was only one of two states to charge 16 and 17 year olds as adults. He co-sponsors a bill that would seal the records of low-level marijuana convictions and supported ending a cash bail system that treats poor defendants differently than wealthy defendants. At the end of the day a district attorney should be concerned with Justice being served, not winning or losing a case, that’s why is working on legislation to ensure that New York has a fair open-discovery process where exculpatory information is not hidden.

Public Corruption and scams against tax-payers erodes public trust in our Government. That is why Ken co-sponsored the bill that amended the State constitution to strip convicted public officials of their taxpayer pensions for public corruption. He has supported and sponsored bills to limit outside income and require legislators to disclose their financial holdings and get pre-clearance for other sources of income. He has worked for independent ethics enforcement of public officials and state agencies and has sponsored legislation to expedite the trials of indicted public officials. Ken has helped provide funding to allow the Rockland County District Attorneys office to better investigate social services fraud and authored a bill to make it easier for agencies to refer fraud to law enforcement.

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The Opioid crisis has touched families and individuals in every corner of the State. Ken was a co-sponsor and key proponent of the I-Stop program, which required real-time electronic reporting of opioid prescriptions. In addition he helped negotiate the bill that limited the number of pills in prescriptions and expanded treatment options. He has worked to provide $100 million in treatment, prevention and recovery services in the 2018 budget and supported a bill to give law enforcement additional tools to combat this crises. More must be done. Ken has already met with District Attorneys in other jurisdictions to coordinate efforts to deal with this deadly epidemic.

Children are innocent and vulnerable and everything must be done to protect their safety and nurture their development. That is why Ken co-sponsored the Child Victims Act, a new law that expands the criminal statute of limitations and provides an ability for victims to sue their perpetrators. In addition, Ken has supported laws over his tenure in the Assembly that increased penalties for sex offenders, modernized our laws for luring, exploitation and social media use.

Sexual Harassment permeates every level of our society. Ken has been at the forefront of legislative efforts to update our laws and provide criminal penalties for sexual coercion. Assemblyman Zebrowski wrote the bill that was part of the 2018 budget that made a new crime of criminal coercion in the 2 nd degree. This law makes it a crime to induce a person to engage in a sexual act under threat of retaliatory action. He also negotiated language that bans confidentiality clauses forced on victims of sexual harassment, prohibits mandatory arbitration clauses and mandates that all local governments have sexual harassment procedures in place.

New York is a safer place because of the criminal justice work of Assemblyman Zebrowski. From his work on gun safety, co-sponsoring the Red Flag Bill and Closing the background check loophole to his work and co-sponsorship of increased DWI penalties for driving with children. His decade plus of work on these criminal justice issues and his deep understanding of Rockland County makes him uniquely qualified to be our next District Attorney. Ken is always there for Rockland County, he is fighting for us.

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